Around Vichy

Outdoor activities and the sites being worth the visit are numerous. Here is a short list. Brochures and guides on the region are besides available in the apartment.

Chateau d’Effiat, magnificent castle which was the one of the 3rd most important character of France in the 18th century. at 20 km from Vichy.

Montaigu Blin, small village, several castles, pub in the castle on Sundays evenings, at 25 km from Vichy

Charroux, medieval City, known for its candles and its mustard. At 50 km from Vichy.

Moulins, very pleasant prefecture, with several museums, at 60 km from Vichy.

Chateldon, medieval village, the visit of which is to include in an escapade in Montagne Bourbonnaise; at 15 km from Vichy.

Montagne Bourbonnaise, valleys, colines, rich landscapes and a clear sight on most of the region.

Clermont-Ferrand, Capital of the culture, a city build in the grey stone of Volvic, where life is enjoyable, just beneath the chain of Volcanoes.

Thiers, world capital of the knife, interesting also by its valley of hell and his Contemporary Arts Center. At 45 km from Vichy

Ambert, world Capital of the tales, it is the home town of personalities such as A Vialatte, H. Pourrat, E. Chabrier, M. Rolle, Nolhac and many others. Without forgetting the famous French blue-veined cheese Fourme d’Ambert. At 85 km from Vichy.

Livradois-Forez, heather and blueberries side Drill, dark wood and thick side Livradois. And breathtaking landscapes. Matter the day by including Thiers and Ambert.

Royal Domain of Randan, a magnificent park at the heart of which the Castle was destroyed in a fire case, at approximately 25 km from Vichy.

Lapalisse, whose luxurious castle is an invitation to relax, at approximately 40 km from Vichy.