Rental rates

2 guests Additional guest (for baby, the bed is free)
2 to 6 days 125 € per day 10 € per day and per additional guest
1 week 730 € 7 € per day and per additional guest
2 weeks 1 250 € 3,5 € per day and per additional guest
3 weeks 1 600 € free
1 month 1 820 € free

Spring and autumn (March-May and October-December)
A 10% discount from the base price for rentals in these months.

Winter (January - February)
A 15% discount from the base price for rentals in these months

House keeping and pressing
A standard House Keeping and Cleaning service shall be charge additionnaly upon arrival by the Service Provider welcoming you. The rate, VAT incl., is approximately 130 € for house keeping incl. pressing for 2 pax, 30 € per pax starting the 3rd one, 28 € for arrival on Sundays and 50 € for departure on Sundays. For residents in France, this service may lead to an Income Tax Reduction of up to 50% of its amount.
The house keeping is performed by a reputed company specializing in Shops, Restaurants, Hotels and furnished appartments in Vichy.

Optionnal Services
Daily housekeeping (1) Approx. 25€ de l’heure
Weekly housekeeping (1) Approx. 25€ de l’heure
Housekeeping and cleaning at stay end (1) Approx. 75 € + 15€ per guest (+50% on sunday)
Arrival on Sunday (1) Approx. 30 €
Departure on Sunday (1) Approx. 30 €

(1) upon signing the rental contract, we will send you the Service Provider’s details. You can then discuss with him about your expectations and ideal time. The Service is to be paid directly to the Provider.

Security Deposit
A security deposit of 500-€ will be requested upon keys remittance, whatever is the duration of your stay. It can be paid cash and a receipt shall be given to you.
This deposit will be refunded at the end of stay if the current inventory is identical to the one at beginning of stay.
In the event of a difference, the deposit will be used by the tenant and the difference compared to expenditure will be paid off to you.
Note: it is contractually and legally requested to present your insurance liability contract to allow for covering bigger degradation.